How to Contribute

For any contributions to be accepted you first need to print, sign, scan and email a copy of the CLA to

We request that changes are only made after a discussion and that each change has a related and assigned issue. Changes that do not relate to an approved issue may not be accepted. A feature or bugfix branch will be assigned to the issue. Pull requests on an unrelated branch (such as the master branch) will not be accepted.

Once you have completed your changes:

  1. Follow 10 tips for better Pull Requests.

  2. Make sure all existing and new unit tests pass.

  3. Unit tests must conform to Roy Osherove’s Naming Standards for Unit Tests and the AAA pattern must be documented explicitly in each test.

  4. Make sure it compiles in both Debug and Release mode (xml comments are only checked in the release build).

  5. Make sure there are no StyleCop warnings {Ctrl + Shift + Y}

  6. Our maximum line width for code files is 110 characters.

  7. Make sure the project can be built using the build.bat.

  8. Submit one or multiple pull requests (see the above 10 tips)